The Gripsharp™ is a combination pencil sharpener/pencil grip. Its unique design allows it to conveniently remain on the pencil for the life of the pencil. With a simple twist, the Gripsharp™ removes only the wood from the pencil leaving the lead intact. This produces a stronger thicker point and greatly extends pencil life, making the Gripsharp™ the first environmentally friendly/GREEN pencil sharpener.Longer pencil life = less wood used and more trees saved! The Gripsharp™'s wide-barrel design also enhances grip and helps reduce the stress on the wrist, fingers and hand that can cause carpal tunnel. Most important of all, the Gripsharp™ allows the user the freedom to sharpen their pencil wherever and whenever they like and forever eliminates the frustration of having to hunt for a pencil sharpener ever again.
Popular Woodworking - "Sometimes, great woodworking tools come in very small packages - and at a very small price." 
OfficeSupplyGeek - "the Gripsharp definitely made for a much better writing experience than I was used to with a traditional pencil", "this is a great little item to have on hand"
Tool-rank.com - "Its not everyday that a completely unique product comes along and the
Gripsharp is certainly one of them."
  • Sharpens away only the wood for a stronger, thicker point.
  • The ultimate convenience: "Just twist it on and leave it on!"
  • Greatly extends pencil life.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Ergonomic Grip design for greater comfort
  • Becomes a lead holder for any pencil.


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